AMANECER means “sunrise” and can also describe when a group wakes up early to do something. We thought it was fitting for our breakfast tacos. When you wake up early to start your day, we’ll be there to serve you a fresh breakfast taco.

In Texas, breakfast tacos are a way of life. Need to be somewhere early? Pick up breakfast tacos. Schedule a 9:00 AM meeting for your team? Better bring breakfast tacos for everyone. Looking for something to eat because you’ve been out all night? Breakfast tacos. All day. All night.
Breakfast tacos are typically made with freshly-cooked flour tortillas, stuffed with a variety of breakfast fillings like eggs, meats, beans, and cheeses, and finally topped with fresh salsa. We believe in keeping things simple and delicious—using fresh and organic ingredients, cooking our own beans (never canned), and preparing the tacos fresh each morning. It's a lot of work, but that's Texas style!


Ana Vela
Co-Founder / CEO
New to the food industry, Ana has over 15 years of experience in educational product development. As co-founder of Amanecer Taco Shop, Ana is involved in all aspects of the business in order to continue crafting the best tacos and experience for customers. She enjoys showcasing her culture through Amanecer and supporting fellow minority-owned businesses.

Favorite Tacos: Bean & Chorizo
Mario Vela
Mario is currently the Director of Employer Relations at the Kellogg School of Management with over eight years of experience in human capital and higher education. As co-founder of Amanecer Taco Shop, Mario focuses on building relationships to help grow the business and support the local community. He is excited to share his Spanish-music playlists with customers at the Taco Shop.

Favorite Tacos:  All of them!
Auxiliadora Rivera
General Manager
Auxi has almost 10 years of customer service and data analysis experience in the restaurant, banking, and retail industries. As the general manager, Auxi’s goal is to provide excellent service and quality food to customers while ensuring Amanecer’s employees have a fun and safe work environment. Having recently moved from Texas, she enjoys working with family and meeting new people at the Taco Shop.

Favorite Tacos: Bean & Cheese, Potato & Cheese
Libby VanWhy
Partner / Creative
Libby has over 15 years of experience in product design and user experience, focused on educational publishing and technology development. Libby is currently the Director of Program User Experience at McGraw-Hill Education, in Chicago.  As a partner at Amanecer Taco Shop, Libby brings user experience and visual design skills to the team. 

Favorite Tacos: Chorizo & Egg, Bean & Cheese
Paul Rossi
Partner / Developer
Paul has over 10 years of experience as a front-end web developer for a wide range of clients, including non-profit businesses and large corporate agencies. Paul is currently a Front-end Development Manager with Accenture Interactive in Chicago. As a partner, Paul brings back-end and front-end web development skills to the team.

Favorite Tacos: Chorizo & Egg, Potato & Egg
Jessica Vician
Marketing & Social Media
A lover of good food and great people, Jessica has spent nearly five years working with Ana in the education industry and over 12 years in marketing and sales. From her first taste of Ana’s breakfast tacos, Jessica has been lending her marketing and social media guidance to Amanecer Taco Shop to help all food lovers learn about these delicious breakfast tacos!

Favorite Tacos: Potato & Cheese, Bean & Cheese