Taking a Pause

So many emotions, so few words to describe them, so we’ll try just a few:


We’re grateful for your support throughout the years—without you, we couldn’t have achieved our dream of bringing breakfast tacos to more people! 🌮The City and people of Evanston helped us launch and establish an in-demand and appreciated business, and Chicago and its nearby suburbs have welcomed our food into your homes. We have been honored to serve you and bring a little bit of our home to you.

While we’re sad to be pausing for an undetermined amount of time, we’re also a little relieved, to be honest. The food industry is tough, as many of you know, and COVID-19 has had all of us pivoting and trying new things to keep you fed. We have learned so much, and while we’re excited to apply that knowledge to Amanecer Taco Shop when we return, we’re looking forward to a little bit of rest.

Saturday, June 13th will be our last day for delivery, so stock up on the vacuum-sealed packs, which stay fresh up to 7 days. Place your orders by 10 p.m. Thursday night for Saturday morning home delivery.

Gracias – Ana and Mario Vela