Review in Chicago Tribune

We were reviewed by the Chicago Tribune on October 9, 2015.

How this came to be is such a great story!

Chicago Tribune food writer, Bill Daley, showed up at one of our food truck stops that morning. It happened to be a great sales day for us, because we literally only had one breakfast taco left. And Bill was the one to purchase that last taco! We packed up our food truck, and as I was sitting in the car posting on social media that we had sold out for the day, Bill approached me and let me know who he was. I was very surprised because we had no idea who he was when we were serving him.

By coincidence, we were actually being live streamed by Georama’s Osiris Khepera, who was doing a virtual travel tour of Northwestern University (our interview starts at the 29:00 mark). Osiris purchased the second to last breakfast taco that morning. Luckily he only purchased one taco. If he had purchased two, Bill would not have had any to try hahaha!

We are thrilled by Bill’s review of our machacado breakfast taco! Here is our review in the Chicago Tribune:


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