A Beginner’s Guide to Breakfast Tacos

For anyone who has never had a breakfast taco, the words breakfast and taco together sound as odd as pickles with popcorn, but trust me, both combinations are delicious. Here’s your guide to Texas-style breakfast tacos to bring you in the loop.

A breakfast taco starts off with a soft, freshly cooked flour tortilla. This is not the kind you typically find in the grocery store out here in the Midwest. If you’ve never had a freshly cooked flour tortilla, you are in for a real treat with our breakfast tacos!

It’s then filled with a breakfast filling with options as endless and varied as the stars over Texas themselves. For scrambled eggs you can have potato and egg; chorizo and egg; machacado (dried beef with egg); bacon and egg; ham and egg; sausage and egg; and bean and egg, just to name some of the basics. Some breakfast tacos are as simple as refried beans with cheese while others revel in complexity, such as the miga taco, which is basically a corn tortilla breakfast taco deconstructed and rolled into a flour tortilla. There are also eggless options such as barbacoa, which is steamed beef.

All can and should be topped off with a homemade salsa. These most often come in two varieties: red and green. Unlike a stoplight, red means go because it’s tomatoey and less spicy and green means stop unless you need something other than coffee to wake you up in the morning.

All breakfast tacos are folded in half, wrapped in foil, and easy to eat on-the-go. They are the perfect serving size to keep you full until lunchtime. I recommend two tacos if you need fuel through the late afternoon or simply want to be adventurous and sample the menu.

Breakfast tacos are fairly inexpensive and probably the most filling meal you’ll ever have for the least amount of money. Which is why to be a hero in Texas, no capes are required, just a dozen breakfast tacos for the morning meeting. At $30 a dozen, it’s the easiest and most delicious way to buy breakfast for 12 of your colleagues. And they’ll definitely thank you for it.

These tacos are not to be confused with breakfast burritos. A burrito is the much larger cousin of the taco which makes it less portable and not as easy-to-eat while riding a train, bus or horse. Although everything’s bigger in Texas, breakfast tacos are the exception.

Now that you’re up to speed, try one! Your life will never be the same again. Welcome to the world of Texas-style breakfast tacos.


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